Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday Letters #10

Happy Friday Bloggie Friends!
Hope you all have a great Friday and an awesome weekend!
 Linked up with Ash over at The Sweet Season.
Dear American Idol: Thank you for making my night! I randomly tweeted about your episode - and hash-tagged idol - and you REPLIED. Holy Moly Guacamole. Of course it was sarcastic, my kinda tweet. Gah. Follow me here
Dear Zumba: I am thinking about starting you up again. I have only gone once, awhile ago - and I hurt for days... but it was such a fun workout.  It didn't seem like I was working out.
Dear Doggies: Thank you for being somewhat cooperative when I gave you two a bath the other night. You are now so fluffy and smell so good. Yay for freshly bathed doggies.
Don't they look adorbs?!
Dear January: Where in the heck did you go?! Seriously, next week you are over. It seems like you just started.
Dear Magic Bullet: I am so glad you were on sale for $10 off at Costco when I went to pick up a few things for work the other day.  Come Monday, I am totally getting my smoothie makin on.
Dear Closet/Dresser: I am so cleaning you two out soon. Like maybe this weekend. Time to bless and release old stuff that I have been hanging on to.  Out with the old... In with the new (maybe)
Dear Ashley: Thank you for making a post that consisted of nothing but 'Hey Girl' Pictures... followed by a hilarious video of Ryan Gosling reading some of them.  Totally made my day when I read it. Check it out here
Pinned Image
Dear Friday: Thank you for finally arriving. This week has been long, yet productive at work, but I'm ready for a little break. Hopefully one that is productive - I am thinking grocery shopping - cleaning - going through old clothes, etc etc.
Dear Weather: Thanks for warming up a bit. It was a nice surprise that I didn't have to warm up my car 10 minutes before work to de-ice it. But, can I say I am ready for some sunshine soon?? This girl is looking pasty.
Dear Soda: I am thinking about giving up for the month of February. I have actually decided on doing it - now I just have to make it happen. No Soda for 28 days..... bring it on.
Happy Weekend.


  1. Hi Lindsay! Hopped over from Friday's Letters linkie and am your newest follower. The pic of the pups isn't working for me though, so sad face there. And good luck with the soda challenge! Can't wait to hear how that goes. :) Hope you'll stop by and follow back!

  2. Ahhhh! #idol! I love this - I may have to tweet them next week!
    Love your pups!
    Happy Friday girlie!

  3. I want a Magic Bullet! They look so amazing and delicious!

  4. I want a Magic Bullet so bad! And how exciting about the Idol tweet!

  5. Hey Lindsay,
    Love you blog, so I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Go to my blog & check out the details.


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