Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Social, Week 1

I have seen these socials around the blog world and thought I would join in this week.  Plus it's about Halloween, how could I not?!

I am linking up Ashley & Neely for this week's Sunday Social.

Sunday Social

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? (pictures??)
I loved a lot of my Halloween costumes as a child, but my favorite was when I was a grape when I was in grade school.  Think lots of light purple balloons blown up and pinned all over me.  I even had a cute stem on my head that my mom made out of felt.  I bet you she still has it in a box somewhere.  I don't have any pictures accessible - bummer.  It was pretty stinking cute tho.

2. If you could go back and dress up as something what would it be?
Oh geez,maybe a girl pirate or something? I have never really thought about this, I always loved my costumes.

3. Favorite costume as an adult? (pictures)
I have only dressed up a couple times as an adult, so I will go with when I was a mobster.... Pinstriped vest, gangster hat, and even a fake cigar to boot.

Jenni & I '08
Me, Sasha, & Jenni '08
Jenni & I ... again. '08
But then there was that time I was a 1920's flapper:
Loved my hair - too bad an hour later 75% of the curl was gone!
Jenni, Me, & Sasha '09
Halloween 2009 - Jenni, Me, Jenn, & Sasha '09
4. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Hands down, Reese Peanut Butter Cups (my fav year around).  Plus, the packaging is orange and yellow - doesn't that just scream... Halloween candy?

5. What is your favorite Halloween memory?
I can't think of one Halloween that stands out more than others, but I do know I love seeing my nephews and nieces all dressed up year after year.  My brother and sister in law always load up the kids and take them over to my sisters, my parents and I are always there also.  It has become a family tradition - everyone goes to Shauna's (& hubby) house.  We hang out - take pictures, then the kids go treat or treating around their neighborhood.  It is always great to see them before and after.

 Katie, Bryan, Casey, Jake, and Gage 2009
Casey, Katie, Bryan, Gage, Alyssa, & Jake  2010
Dad (Papa) with Casey & Katie 2009
Gager & Me 2009
Mom (Grandma) and Casey 2009

6. What's your favorite scary movie?
I used to be a scary movie lover, but that ship has since sailed... I am cheesy and love ABC family Halloween movies - and I always love to watch Hocus Pocus around Halloween.

Don't forget Binx.

Happy Sunday Night!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters #4


Dear Fox/Directv: Thank you for finally reaching an agreement so I can watch the X-Factor & New Girl again!

Dear International Delight - Pumpkin Spice Latte: You are a little too frothy for my taste, but still good nonetheless.

Dear Best Friend: You are amazing and I am so thankful to have you in my life.  Thank you for just being you, I couldn't ask for a better friend.

Las Vegas Circa 2009
We didn't let dehydration ruin our vacation. ; )

Dear Fall:  You have definitely made an appearance, I am loving it! Stick around awhile, why don't ya?!

Dear Rain:  Thank you for going away for the weekend, I am happy you decided to take a break so my works Annual Open House can go off without a hitch tomorrow.  I only have to work one Saturday a year, and I am lucky it is for the open house, and it is always such a blast. : )

Dear Family: I love you all and you are the best. Don't know what I would do without each one of you.

Dear Elections: I will be so glad when you are over - I am honestly sick of hearing about you. 

Dear Parents:  Happy Anniversary to you two tomorrow, you both are amazing and have shown me what a great marriage is like. I hope I am lucky enough to have a relationship like yours one day.  Thank you for being great parents, I am so lucky to have you both - you are the best. I love you guys!

Mom & Dad with Gage (oldest grandson) in Seattle
Summer 2012

Dear Halloween: How did you get here so fast?! I didn't even have time to carve a pumpkin! Oh well - there is always next year.  I can't wait for your arrival so I can see all the kiddos (mostly my nephews and nieces) all dressed up and ready to go trick-or-treating. 

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday Letters #3

Pinned Image
Another Friday Already?! It seems like we were just here.  And, I actually had to work all week, unlike you lucky people who had Monday off.... I'm not jealous or anything...I swear.

I am linking up with Ashley again this week for Friday Letters:


Dear Nashville:  You started off pretty slow, and I wasn't impressed at first, but by the end of your episode I loved it, I am now hooked!

Dear Skinny Cow Candy Bars:  Thank you for being delicious and low calorie! You are just enough when I have a chocolate craving!

Dear Weather: You have been amazing! I love working with my office window open.  And, it might rain this weekend, I am a little excited.
Dear Target: I am so ready to see you Saturday morning (hopefully, if I don't sleep in too much)  I need to go shopping for one of my swaps and my care package I am sending overseas.  And, maybe hit up the clothes section too.

Dear Cute Boots: I really really want a pair of you.... but I should really be saving my money. Decisions Decisions.

Dear Self:  Stop being overwhelmed and stressing too much.  It's not healthy for you. (Why is it so much easier to say then do?)
Pinned Image
Dear Weekend: I am so happy you are here - it has been a stressful and busy week at work and I am ready for some relaxation! And, maybe a glass of wine or two four.

Dear Sasha: I feel like I have been such a horrible friend lately.  Life gets busy, but that is no excuse. I promise I am going to call you this weekend so we can catch up. I miss you like crazy... for reals. I miss my best friend being right around the corner :-(

Pinned Image

Dear Halloween:  To dress up or to not dress up?!? Hmmm...

Dear Skinny Vanilla Latte: I am going to start my Friday with you. Don't disappoint me, please.
Pinned Image

Dear Nail Polish: Why must you chip off two days after I spend my precious time on making you look perfect.  It's getting annoying.  I miss my fake nails, but my savings account doesn't.

Happy Friday!! Enjoy your weekend!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Excuse Me?

Happy Wednesday Friends...

I had the most interesting phone call at work last week.  I am mainly the person that answers the phones for my work, so I have the whole "telemarketer" detection thing down.  We get several solicitation calls a week (which is pretty annoying when I am in deep concentration doing accounting paperwork) so I know their game.

I like to reel them in then strike them down... does that make me a horrible person?! I don't think it does.....but I will say, I am nice the ones who are nice to me.... now, the people that aren't so nice to me, that is a different story and I may like to play games with them every now and then. But it looks like the game was on me this time.

Disclaimer: I do understand this is the person's job, but there is no need to be rude or belittling to anyone (including me) - and most that I have crossed paths with are.  There is that rare 1 in 12 telemarketer that is nice (and I am nice back).

Hint #1 that this was a telemarketing call: Caller Id is listed as Anonymous/Restricted
The phone call went something like this:

Me:  Insert Company Name Here.

Telemarketer: HI, How are you today? (they usually try to be super nice at first)

Me: Good, thanks.  How can we help you?

T: Can you tell me the name of your service manager?

Me: May I ask who is speaking?

T: This is Marcus Smith from Blah Blah Blah ( different name and company, obvi)

Me: What is this regarding?!

T: Just tell him I am on the phone, he will know who I am.  (I'm sorry but, if you don't know his name, how in the world is he going to know you?!)

Me: How about you tell me what this is regarding.

T: How about you tell me what you are wearing.

Me: Excuse Me??? (In a not so nice tone)

T:  How about you tell me how beautiful you are.

Me: I think that is very inappropriate.

I then hung up on him.

Seriously, how do people keep their jobs when they act like this? Being kind and decent will get you further in the long run.  I was just so shocked,  I told my co-workers and they laughed it off, because, it really was funny in all actuality  And I very rarely get fired up, and I was pretty fired up.  Some people I swear....

Only 2 more days to Friday!
I am not counting down or anything....


Saw this on pinterest and had to share, it gave me a nice laugh.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Letters #2

Happy Friday Friends!

I don't know about you, but this week felt like it has flown right by.
I am thankful for busy workdays that make it that way.
Hopefully the weekend won't be the same way.
I'll take a nice lonnnggg weekend anytime. Who wouldn't?

Any who, it's time for:


Dear Nutella: Why didn't I discover you sooner? You are delish. I am now on the bandwagon.

Dear 3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge:  Sorry I failed.  I have learned that drinking 3 green smoothies a day and nothing else is something I will never do again.  I lasted until 6:00 on Day 1. Ya win some, Ya lose some. 

Dear Green Smoothies: You are delicious.  I was surprised. I think I will be seeing more of you in my daily diet, but not for every meal.

Dear Jersey Shore: Thank you for just being you.  You made my Thursday night so much better by premiering last night.  Fist Pump. GTL. Are the Caabbbs here? Merp.

Dear 80* Weather & Blue Skies:  Please stick around - I am loving you right now!!

Dear Casey: Thank you for drawing this picture of Barney for me.  You always make me smile.

I love how it says: Ant LeeLee
Makes it that much more special.

Casey and Me.

Seriously Adorbs. Love him.

Dear Co-workers: I enjoyed having a thanksgiving like dinner lunch feast with you all today.  We had a smoked Turkey, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Sauteed Green Beans, Bread, & Cranberry Jelly. Delish.  We are a work family - and I am so grateful for all of you and the company we all work for.  We are all so blessed.

Dear Work-Out Capri's: I think you are going to the back of the dresser now, my legs are getting a little cold now that is it starting to get colder & colder, and darker & darker for my morning walks.

Dear Swaps:  I am loving you these days! Check out these two other swaps I have signed up for!!!

A Fall Favorite Swap - Only a few more days left to get signed up!


Another Christmas Swap!!! Go Sign up!! You know you wanna....

Gift Swap

Dear Katie: I had such a fun evening with you the other night.  Thanks for hanging out with me... I cherish those little moments talking about what you are learning in school and singing along to The Biebs songs on the radio....

Roaming the aisles of our new Super Wal-Mart....

Fro-Yo afterwards. Love Aunt-Niece Time.
I loved how you told me you loved this song.... guess what Aunt LeeLee loves it too!!

Happy Weekend....

Lindsay : )

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ornament Swap!

Today I found out that these two fabulous ladies, Erin and Jessah,
decided to host an Ornament Swap.

I signed up.
You should too.
It really is that simple.

Send an Ornament to a fellow blogger
Recieve an Ornament from a different fellow blogger.

You have until Oct 31 to sign up. 
But I think you should do it now!
Then you can be excited with me.
Who doesn't love Christmas Ornaments?!

What are you waiting for???
Go check out  Living in Yellow or Dreaming of Dimples for all the offical rules and FAQ's.

You can thank me later.

Happy Tuesday-
Lindsay : )

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1

It's October.
Say it isn't so.
The time has flown by.
And, for a Monday the day flew by (Holla)
 Pinned Image
It's the 4th Quarter
Only a couple more months until year end at work
Don't remind me

Where has this year gone?
My mom always said once I turned 21
time would fly by, and boy was she right!
Moms are always right, about everything.
These past 4-5 years have been a blur.
We need to remember to slow life down,
enjoy the people the surround us, enjoy the
small things, & take time to just take everything in.
Love Life and all of it's hurdles.

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Halloween is only 30 days away.
Pinned Image

My birthday is 58 days away (Nov 28)
Thanksgiving.... Yum.
Christmas is just 84 days away...
Better get shopping!!!

84 DAYS. That doesn't sound like very far away. 
It will be here before we know it - get prepared.

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Tomorrow, my co-worker Robin and I are partaking in
a 3-day Green Smoothie Challenge.
3 green smoothies a day - for 3 days.
Yeah, a challenge it is going to be... nothing but green goodness
for THREE whole days. No Coffee. How will I survive?
I hope know I will manage.  But, boy will this be interesting.

Pinned Image

My weekend was low key -  Sunday I watched two of my nephews,
Jake & Bryan play some Fall Baseball.
It was nice to soak up in the sunshine (before it got too hot)
and watch the boys do what they love.
(Baseball is pretty huge in my fam)

On a side note:
Did anyone watch Part 1 of Jersey Housewives Reunion?
Holy Cow Batman - You could feel the tension in that room.
I love me some good drama - and boy was that hour full of it.
I totally didn't wear sparkly eye shadow today, but if I I did, I'm sure
Teresa would've been all up in my business about it, because didn't you all
know, we all  aspire to copy her.  Girl Puh-lease.
I can't wait to see parts 2 and 3.

That's right Jacqueline you tell her!

And Revenge returned - it didn't dissapoint.
& I think I got sucked into 666 Park Avenue.

Happy Monday - Here is to a good week.