Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday Letters #10

Happy Friday Bloggie Friends!
Hope you all have a great Friday and an awesome weekend!
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Dear American Idol: Thank you for making my night! I randomly tweeted about your episode - and hash-tagged idol - and you REPLIED. Holy Moly Guacamole. Of course it was sarcastic, my kinda tweet. Gah. Follow me here
Dear Zumba: I am thinking about starting you up again. I have only gone once, awhile ago - and I hurt for days... but it was such a fun workout.  It didn't seem like I was working out.
Dear Doggies: Thank you for being somewhat cooperative when I gave you two a bath the other night. You are now so fluffy and smell so good. Yay for freshly bathed doggies.
Don't they look adorbs?!
Dear January: Where in the heck did you go?! Seriously, next week you are over. It seems like you just started.
Dear Magic Bullet: I am so glad you were on sale for $10 off at Costco when I went to pick up a few things for work the other day.  Come Monday, I am totally getting my smoothie makin on.
Dear Closet/Dresser: I am so cleaning you two out soon. Like maybe this weekend. Time to bless and release old stuff that I have been hanging on to.  Out with the old... In with the new (maybe)
Dear Ashley: Thank you for making a post that consisted of nothing but 'Hey Girl' Pictures... followed by a hilarious video of Ryan Gosling reading some of them.  Totally made my day when I read it. Check it out here
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Dear Friday: Thank you for finally arriving. This week has been long, yet productive at work, but I'm ready for a little break. Hopefully one that is productive - I am thinking grocery shopping - cleaning - going through old clothes, etc etc.
Dear Weather: Thanks for warming up a bit. It was a nice surprise that I didn't have to warm up my car 10 minutes before work to de-ice it. But, can I say I am ready for some sunshine soon?? This girl is looking pasty.
Dear Soda: I am thinking about giving up for the month of February. I have actually decided on doing it - now I just have to make it happen. No Soda for 28 days..... bring it on.
Happy Weekend.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Very Pinteresting

Ah, we are over the hump. Only 2 more days until the weekend. Holla.
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These would be amazing....

Super Cute Idea right?!

I like to concept of this.... it's only a month right?
Totes Adorbs.
Am I right, ladies?

Happy Wednesday!
xo- Lindsay :-)
I have no idea why the pins won't line up right! It is frustrating! What am I doing wrong here?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tuesday Topics Week 4

It's Tuesday again! That means it is time for  Tuesday Topics. Tiffany and Lauren's topic this week is 7 People you would like to meet.  I am going for the celebrity route - sure there are a lot of signifigant people i would like to meet - but I thought it would be fun to list celebrities...

Without further ado, the 7 celebrities  I would like to meet are...

Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert

Ben Afflack
Jimmy Fallon- Drunk on Christmas Lyrics
Jimmy Fallon

Channing Tatum
The Kardashian Sisters (They count as 1 person ;))
What celebs would like to meet?!
Happy Tuesday!
The Austin Family Diary

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Friday Letters #9

Welp, this my first Friday Letters of 2013. Seriously though folks,
how are we 18 days into January already?! Crazy.
 You know what is crazier, this is my 4th post this week!
Holy Cow Batman, I am on a roll!

Dear Friday - Thank you for being here. I am ready for the weekend.
Dear Blog - I am thinking you are in need of a makeover soon. Anybody know any good designers?
Dear Clinique - Thank you for making my face breakout when i didn't take my face wash with me when i went out of town. Next time, I am taking all 3 steps with me.
And I took the scrub not the soap - lesson learned - i won't do that again.
Dear Kim/Kanye Baby - Honestly, good for you guys that you are having a baby - but I don't really want to hear about it everyday until summer. Come onnnn already.
Dear Icy Roads - You scared the holy daylights out of me earlier this week while driving to work. Sliding sideways isn't really that fun - I was even going super slow too. sigh
Dear Twitter - I am getting hooked on you again! And, it is great to connect with other bloggers that way too. I am a tweeting fool lately - follow me here
Dear Nicki Minaj - Ugh. I don't have anything nice to say - so I will leave it at that. Actually, I do have one nice thing, you were pretty funny last night .
Dear Readers - I cannot believe I have 54 GFC followers, thank you all so much! And, thank you to all my family and friends that read it too. Love you guys.

Dear Totsy - Um, your website is amazing. Thanks mom for showing it to me! I bought 2 pairs of boots, a pair of moccasins, 3 pairs of slippers, a pea coat, and shirt for....$80!
Yes, you read that right. $80
Amazing, right?! Good Quality stuff too. Go check it out here.
Can I get an amen that it is finally Friday?! AMEN.
Happy Friday
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This 'n That Thursday V.1

I am linking up with the fabulous Katie & Jena for their link up: This 'n That Thursday
This week has been major catch up at work. Note to self: Somehow, most of my work does not do itself when you are gone for 9 days. Sheesh. I wonder why not? Although, I am happy that everyday I am getting a little more done and my pile is getting smaller. Lets hope it stays that way. Finger Crossed.
I am really amazed That some people are so selfish.  I think that some people should be willing to make sacrifices to help others out not only when something happens, but all the time. Maybe we should take a step back and look at situations and reflect on what we may or may not be doing - and if you don't like what you see, you should change it. 

This life of mine keeps throwing me curve balls. I have learned we just have to have faith and go along with the curve - not stress and worry about what we don't know.  We need to cherish everyday, be thankful and live in the moment. I am mean really, why worry about yesterday? We can't change it. Why worry about tomorrow? Who knows what it will be like.

That lovely list of New Years Resolutions? Yeah, they totally haven't been happening -well most of them anyways. But most, heck, all, of them are work in progress - so I would say I am 5 out 10 on starting the process... not too shabby, right? I know I know - I am such a slacker. But hey, I still have over 340+ days to keep on trying! : )
This season of American Idol should be interesting. I am not a fan on Nicki Minaj - like at all. Ugh.  I am fan of the show though, so I will try my best to stick with it and hopefully I can put up with her all season.  I think Mariah is going to be a great judge and mentor. it should be interesting between the two divas when shows go live.
I am so so sad ThatChip Kelly is leaving left yesterday. (Chip Kelly is was the head football coach for the University of Oregon Ducks) Such a travesty for Oregon. He is leaving highly nationally ranked college football team for the Eagles. Really Chip? Really? I must say you have made Oregon proud with your coaching skills. You are leaving behind a fantastic team that will continue to be amazing even after your departure.  You did us proud in the four years you coached, we went 47- 6.  And, we had 4 straight BCS bowl appearances. Now the question is, who will fill those very big shoes left by Coach Kelly? Good Luck in Philly Chip.  I am sure the visor sales will skyrocket.

So Long Buddy.
Happy Friday Eve Friends! Now, go link up with Katie & Jena!

Katie Did What
Saw this, and really liked it! Because it is true.

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting.

Guys, I love Pinterest. So Much. I wish my wallet was huge so I could fit all the amazing outfits I pin in my closet (that I wish was huge too). And, the recipes. Oh the recipes. What did we do before Pinterest?! Can't forget about the amazing hair and makeup.

Here are some pins worth sharing!

Really - what a good idea. Almost as great as the graduation hats in Twilight.

Love this. If I do say so myself, this shirt is so me. For REALS.

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest


How cute is this. I'll have to remember this for one day.


Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Yup. So True. Why do we keep toxic people around?!

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

This looks delish.

I have some pretty amazing friends. Just Sayin'.

Love this scarf - so classy.

LoL. Happy Wednesday Friends.

xo, Lindsay

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Topics Week 3

Oh eM Gee. I love TV, probably way more than I should.  I also love me some reality shows - because they are just so real, right? hah. You name it, I love it all - crime, MTV, dramas, comedies, etc.  There is definitely no discrimination here.  Here is my list of 8 shows I am loving right now!

Um, Hello - who could not love this show? It saucy, sultry, and keeps me on the edge of my seat.  And, I was a fan of Emily Van Camp ever since her Everwood days.
The Bachelor
Do I even need to explain why this show made my list? Just look at this fine human being....
and those blue eyes... and perfect smile. Yup. Best Bachelor Ever. (don't judge)
Catfish: The TV Show 
The movie was super interesting, and a little creepy. I love this show and Nev.  Although, it still surprises me how many dishonest people are out there. At least they have the guts to come clean in the end...
Intense, Steamy, & Edgy. Love
Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon
This guy is hilar! And, he is totally one of the good nice guys, you could totally be his friend. His skits are so hilarious, and his musical talents are unbelievable. Can't forget about his Friday Letters. And, his other show... Ew! Watch this. You can thank me later. ; )
Pretty Little Liars
Yes, I am 26 and I still enjoy watching ABC Family shows. Really tho, I am hooked on this show.
The Real Housewives of....
I'll go with Beverly Hills, but my fav is New Jersey.  It's like a train wreck - you can't help but watch. Seriously though, how are these people even on TV? And don't even get me started on 'Vanderpump Rules' - I am all over that hot mess of a show.  The series may or may not be recorded on my DVR.
New Girl
Zooey is hilarious plus add in 3 cuties and you are bound to have a great show.  I really enjoy this quirky and funny show.  I am about 5 episodes behind (thank goodness for dvr's) but I hope, one day, Jess & Nick will get together... who is with me? Plus did anyone see Max Greenfield (Schmidt) and the Golden Globes? Hello, Good Lookin'!
My list could go on and on for awhile, because, I just love TV that much. I mean I didn't even mention Greys, Castle, The Voice, Vamp Dairies, Hawaii Five-0, Chelsea Lately, or The Lying Game. Okay, I'll stop now, but you catch my drift.
What are some of your favorite shows?!
Lindsay :)
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The Austin Family Diary

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Topics Week 2

Linking up with Lauren and Tiffany  again for Tuesday Topics.

This week we are sharing our 9 favorite blogs.

Can I just say how hard this was.  I wrote down a list of my favorite blogs, and it was wayyy more than 9. So I had to cross many off the list.  But here are my 9 blogs that I read all the time.

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma
My friend Sasha told me about this blog. I love it. Such a beautiful writer! Her honesty is true and pure.

Taylor @ The Daily Tay
This girl is hilarious - I can usually count on a laugh or five with her witty and humorous attitude.

Shauna @ Life Captured
She's my sister so what else should I say? She is the bomb and so is her blog.

Autumn @ "Mrs." in the Making
Autumn keeps it real with her experiences and stories on being a newlywed!

Katie @ Katie Did What
Katie's blog is uplifting and happy, like her. I always get a kick out of her posts!

Erin @ Living in Yellow
Another witty personality that will be sure to make anyone laugh!

Jessica @ Little Baby Garvin Another blog my BFF told me about. We all followed along her pregnancy with her and those amazing chalkboards!

Kelle @ Enjoying the Small Things Kelle is an amazing writer and always has such a positive outlook on life. And she teaches some great lessons through her blogs! Truly inspiring.

Ashley @ Run With Me I love Ashley's post - love her variety and view point on things.

Ok, so like I said these are most of my "don't ever miss a post" blogs.  And, there is quite a variation too - I like to keep it interesting.  Thanks Ladies for sharing your stories with all of us.

Happy Tuesday!

The Austin Family Diary


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years + Tuesday Topic

Happy New Year!!

I cannot believe another year has passed and we are ready to tackle another one!
Let us all hope make 2013 a great year.

2012 was full of many fun things, lots of traveling, the rebirth of my blogging and really great ups and some really low lows.  Some things we have no control over - but we do have control over how we handle them.  Cheers to handling whatever comes our way in 2013 the best we can!

My blogging has been slacking this last couple of months - life has been totes cray-cray.
Sorry folks.

Lets thank the fabulous Christmas season for that - and a super busy work schedule.
I hope to post a recap about that real soon, Christmas - that is.  This time of year is especially busy for me at work - we sell snowmobiles where I work and this year we have gotten a lot snow early - which means a very busy season. (Thank you mother nature - you are making up for a bad snowfall last year, huh?) and add that in with end of year prep and maddness and you get a very busy bee - which is me. Hey that rhymed. I love it though - I am always thankful when work is busy!!

We all have New Years Resolutions right?! Well, when I was catching up on my blogs this last weekend, Austin Family Diary mentioned she was starting Tuesday Topic Link-Up again with  Life.Love.Lauren. , and Week 1 was New Years Resolutions, I knew I had to join in this time!  I started my list of 10 New Years Resolutions right away (Ok, who I am kidding, I already quite a hefty list on my iPad) that I would share with you.

Without further ado, here are my 10 New Years Resolutions:

1. Get Healthy
I know I know, so cliche, but I need to get healthy - time to start tracking my calories again - hello My Fitness Pal, we are going to become bff's. And, time to start moving my body again!

2. Don't Be Late
Yeah, I start work at 8:00am although, I usually roll on in around 8:04, yeah I know - it is a horrible habit, I hope to start being on time to everything, because I usually late pretty much 95% of the time. Tisk Tisk.

3.Don't sweat the small stuff.
I tend to stress and worry about every little thing. Hi, I am Lindsay a Worry-Wort.  Even things I can't change. Half the time I get myself into a tizzy for no reason.  I want to let things roll of my back - easy breezy - ya know?

4. Blog More
Yes, I can't wait to do this more! I am hoping 3 times a week! So stay tuned readers - there is a lot more to come!

5.Get Organized
Closet. Bedroom. Bathroom. Drawers. Everything Else.
All the clutter and mess is driving me nuts - time to buckle down and do it!

6. Save Save Save
Yeah, I should've been doing this a lot more. But I am hoping to buy a house real soon, which means I need a big down payment and my savings account isn't as big as I want it to be - so time to save save save.

7. Payoff my Car Early
After this done, I can save the money that would be going towards it.
I want to get this done before summer. I hope I can do it.

8. Appreciate the small things
Sometimes I get worked up in the hustle and bustle of everything.  I want to start taking a step back and taking every moment in.  Enjoy it. That is what life is about, the small things, ya know?

9. Be More Patient
Sooo, i tend to get annoyed pretty easily.
This one will be hard for me, but I will try my hardest to be more patient.

10. Take Risks.
I play by the rules.  I don't color outside of lines.
I want to become more adventurous and not worry about the 'what ifs'.
I am pretty sure at the end of a risk - it will be worth it. This kind of goes hand in hand with sweating the small stuff, no? 

Ok, so there ya have it! Thank goodness I have 365 days to tackle these. 
Make sure to link up with Tiffany and Lauren for Tuesday Topics!

The Austin Family Diary
Happy 2013 Friends.
Lets make this year great.
I wish you all good health, tons of happiness and very joyful year.
Tell me, what are some of your resolutions for 2013???