Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Topics Week 2

Linking up with Lauren and Tiffany  again for Tuesday Topics.

This week we are sharing our 9 favorite blogs.

Can I just say how hard this was.  I wrote down a list of my favorite blogs, and it was wayyy more than 9. So I had to cross many off the list.  But here are my 9 blogs that I read all the time.

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma
My friend Sasha told me about this blog. I love it. Such a beautiful writer! Her honesty is true and pure.

Taylor @ The Daily Tay
This girl is hilarious - I can usually count on a laugh or five with her witty and humorous attitude.

Shauna @ Life Captured
She's my sister so what else should I say? She is the bomb and so is her blog.

Autumn @ "Mrs." in the Making
Autumn keeps it real with her experiences and stories on being a newlywed!

Katie @ Katie Did What
Katie's blog is uplifting and happy, like her. I always get a kick out of her posts!

Erin @ Living in Yellow
Another witty personality that will be sure to make anyone laugh!

Jessica @ Little Baby Garvin Another blog my BFF told me about. We all followed along her pregnancy with her and those amazing chalkboards!

Kelle @ Enjoying the Small Things Kelle is an amazing writer and always has such a positive outlook on life. And she teaches some great lessons through her blogs! Truly inspiring.

Ashley @ Run With Me I love Ashley's post - love her variety and view point on things.

Ok, so like I said these are most of my "don't ever miss a post" blogs.  And, there is quite a variation too - I like to keep it interesting.  Thanks Ladies for sharing your stories with all of us.

Happy Tuesday!

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