Thursday, January 17, 2013

Friday Letters #9

Welp, this my first Friday Letters of 2013. Seriously though folks,
how are we 18 days into January already?! Crazy.
 You know what is crazier, this is my 4th post this week!
Holy Cow Batman, I am on a roll!

Dear Friday - Thank you for being here. I am ready for the weekend.
Dear Blog - I am thinking you are in need of a makeover soon. Anybody know any good designers?
Dear Clinique - Thank you for making my face breakout when i didn't take my face wash with me when i went out of town. Next time, I am taking all 3 steps with me.
And I took the scrub not the soap - lesson learned - i won't do that again.
Dear Kim/Kanye Baby - Honestly, good for you guys that you are having a baby - but I don't really want to hear about it everyday until summer. Come onnnn already.
Dear Icy Roads - You scared the holy daylights out of me earlier this week while driving to work. Sliding sideways isn't really that fun - I was even going super slow too. sigh
Dear Twitter - I am getting hooked on you again! And, it is great to connect with other bloggers that way too. I am a tweeting fool lately - follow me here
Dear Nicki Minaj - Ugh. I don't have anything nice to say - so I will leave it at that. Actually, I do have one nice thing, you were pretty funny last night .
Dear Readers - I cannot believe I have 54 GFC followers, thank you all so much! And, thank you to all my family and friends that read it too. Love you guys.

Dear Totsy - Um, your website is amazing. Thanks mom for showing it to me! I bought 2 pairs of boots, a pair of moccasins, 3 pairs of slippers, a pea coat, and shirt for....$80!
Yes, you read that right. $80
Amazing, right?! Good Quality stuff too. Go check it out here.
Can I get an amen that it is finally Friday?! AMEN.
Happy Friday
{linked up with the lovely ashley again this week}

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  1. Ugh I am totally trying to get back into twitter... It's not working though! :(

    And i'm already over Kim and Kanye!


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