Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Admin Pro Day!

Happy Administrative Professional's Day!
(If you have a job that falls into that category of course!)

 I happen to fall within that category since my official title is 'Bookkeeper', but I do a lot more than the 'books', and I love every minute (okay well not every minute but 90% of the time I can say I love my job, what I do, and I adore my co-workers!).
I know, I am super lucky and blessed.

Today my bosses came into my office and gave me a generous gift card to Olive Garden (after being tricked to admit what restaurant I liked better) and handed me hand-picked Lilacs already placed ever so nicely in a vase!

Thank you Gene & Dana!

Today has been a good Wednesday! My hair and makeup turned out nice (don't ya love it when they are both working in your favor in the same DAY?). I wore my new shirt & new earrings from Van Heusen that I bought this past weekend up in Portland. I snapped this picture on the way to work..... at a red light!

 Don’t mind the seat belt - safety first!

I got off work early and headed to my nail appointment. Amy does such an amazing job and I never leave disappointed!

Only a 2 day work week for me next week (its okay you can hate love me), then I am headed to Seattle with my parents and oldest nephew, Gage for his Karate Tournament. It’s my first time to the Emerald City - and I can't wait to experience it with all of them!! Most importantly, I am happy I am able to go support Gage and see him kick some booty & utilize all of techniques he has been trained in for years!!!

 Then a couple weeks after that, my sister Shauna and I are headed to Las Vegas for a 4 day weekend - that I won from our local news station!! I won it at the end of last summer and I am so excited to finally get to go! I am looking forward to a weekend relaxing by the pool with my sissy! Oh, and In-N-Out!! Mmmm.

Me, Kevin (Shauna's Husband), Shauna
May 2010 - Las Vegas
Speaking of Vegas, I was checking my facebook earlier and noticed MGM had posted a link about the 2012 Billboard Awards that are happening the same weekend we are going to be there! But, the show is happening the night we leave. I am still hopeful that many musicians will be roaming the Las Vegas Strip that weekend. I am excited for some Celebrity Sightings!! My fingers are crossed!



Had a tummy ache at work, but luckily this helped it....

Shauna & I had our last Photoshop class (can’t say that I am sad for it to end). I was playing around with the “tools” we had been taught….

This video is rather bizzare, but I just love this song!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Catch Up

I have been taking pictures everyday, but I will say its getting harder - and its only day 17! 

Day 13:  Whenever I need a pick me up at work, I put my Pandora Radio on 90's Pop! It usually does the trick - there is nothing like singing all the words (in my head of course - b/c i am at work) to old pop hits like Brittney Spears & Spice Girls - oh, and don't worry there are plenty of BSB & N'Sync to go around too!

Day 14: This was Friday - and it was such a good one!  I headed into work knowing it was going to be a good - I was only going to work half a day, then head onto I-5 for a good 4 hour drive North to Portland to see my Bestie and her hubby.  My day got better when work was slower than normal I got done what needed to be done - I ended up leaving @ 11 - nothing like a 3 hour work day.  I was able to capture this picture to show you all how beautiful Oregon is - even on the freeway! 

Day 15: Saturday, the sun made a rare appearance so we headed to the Portland Zoo - we were excited for this lion to come say hi - in between some super strong glass (at least I hope it was). 

Day 16:  After a wonderful fun-filled weekend, I ended Sunday night with a delicious glass of Rose Jolee from the fabulous local Del Rio Winery.

Day 17: The sun is finally starting to come around - and today it only got up to 84* - it was hot and this is just the beginning! Around 4pm the storm clouds started to roll in, by the time I got home -it was typical Oregon weather - Rain, white puffy clouds, sun, dark thunder clouds, and a cool breeze - all at the same time!

I had a fabulous weekend up in Portland visiting my friends, it was such fun! I need to upload all my pictures from my camera - then I will share all those great pics on here!!

Happy Tuesday Eve!
-Lindsay : )

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birchbox Fail!

I've been eagerly been awaiting of the arrival of my first Birchbox.  I'd been on a waiting list for a good 3 months before I got an email saying I was able to finally subscribe! Last week I got an email saying my first box had shipped but could take up to 10 days to reach the West Coast, well it finally arrived today and even though I didn't know what to expect - I was disappointed!

You may be wondering what Birchbox is... Birchbox is a monthly delivery of 4-5 trial sized samples for a fee of $10/month.  The samples are suppose to be from high well known brands and also new and upcoming brands. 

I think I am going to give it one more month, then if it is a fail again - I am going to cancel my subscription.

Included in this box:

*Color Club|Nail Liquer
*Juicy Couture|Viva La Juicy -- smells amazing!
*Jurliquw|Herbal Recovery Night Cream
*Kerastase|Elixir Ultime (hair oil)
Bonus - Show Stoppers|Fashion Tape

If you want to check it out for yourself:

Here our my winnings for a radio contest I won on Monday.  My co-workers were pleased today! :) I am glad I could share my winnings with them!

Yesterday my sister and I had our Adobe Photoshop class again, it's a 35 minute jaunt to Ashland where SOU is located - luckily the drive is very pretty and serene (even in drab rainy weather).

I can't believe I am saying this, but Justin Bieber's new song is really growing on me....

Countdown is on.... 2 more days until Friday!


Monday, April 16, 2012


I think I can safely say, Mondays aren't peoples favorite day of the week.  You have to wake up early from sleeping in on the weekend, there is usually tons to do at work, phones ringing off the hook, yadaydayada.... you get it.....

But this Monday was such a great one for me! Woke up on the right side of my bed, got ready, most of my nasty cold is gone, besides my voice that sounds like a 13 year old boy, made my way through my favorite coffee stand  on my way to work and got one of these....
16oz Carmelizer w/ no whip

Made it to work, got  ALOT done.  Its amazing how much I can get done when my brain is not foggy from my cold.  Everyone was pretty chipper for a Monday.  I got a text message from my brother saying he just heard on the radio I won a free lunch! WHAATTT? Yeah, I entered a radio contest like 2 months ago, and I won lunch for myself and all my co-workers!  I missed hearing it on the radio, but thanks brother for giving me a heads up! : ) So the radio station called me at work a few hours later and I got the details.... Party Sub, Chips, and Pepsi for my work on Wednesday delivered by the DJ's! Sweeet! 
Thanks KRWQ 100.3

After work, I stopped by Wal-Mart to get a few things.... I happened to wander into the baby department ( how does that even happen?), I am going to visit my bestest friend and her hubby (also a great friend) this weekend and their baby is due in two weeks, so I thought I couldn't go up empty handed, and a little girl can never have too many clothes (altho I think this little baby has more clothes than her momma and I combined - and we like clothes!)... any who, I left the baby department with not 1 but 4 onesies!!! I couldn't resist - I am a sucker for babies and especially ones that call me "Aunt".

On a side note, I have been holding out for a new bedspread that I just love - one I couldn't live without... and I think I finally found it - but I haven't seen it in person yet, so that may change, its part of the Kardashian Kollection at Sears. Love that it is brown with a touch of animal print... very subtle I think.

Photo Source:

Love the sheets too!!

Photo Source:

Happy Monday Dolls - Hope you all had a great one like I did!

If you didn't, maybe this cute video of my niece Katie singing to the Biebs and Casey dancing in the background will cheer ya up!!!


And just remember, only 4 more days until Friday!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 9

So, yesterday I was talking about how I was going to bask in all the sun I missed out yesterday? Yeah, it only stuck around for a little bit.  This morning I awoke eager to get my day moving so I could soak up those sweet rays while celebrating my moms birthday at the park with the family.  

I broke out my cute pink flip flops, cuffed up my jeans - ready for the sun.   But, the sun was playing hard to get and by the end of the day, this is that what the valley looked like......

The sun did peak out over the clouds off and on while at the park, but I was hoping for so much more! And, while the 5 day forecast doesn't look that promising, I can still hope that the sun will come out to play sooner rather than later! 

On side note, mom's birthday was a success! The family was all together (with the exception of my sis-in-law and one of my nephews who was home sick - get better soon Jake!), footballs were thrown, presents were given, Happy Birthday was sang, and Chocolate Cake was ate!

So, for now, I will enjoy my cup of hot peppermint tea while the rain is sprinkling down outside...


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blue Sky!

While most of Southern Oregon was out enjoying the beautiful blue skies and the sun, I was in bed sick with my cold yet again!! Not how I really wanted to spend my Saturday, especially one with the weather so great, because its a rarity to see that big ball of yellow!  But, I was able to get out of bed long enough to snap this beautiful picture!! Tomorrow I will be able bask it the beautiful weather and I am excited! 

Happy Saturday

And, this time next weekend I am excited to say I will be Portland visiting my best friend, her husband, and my niece-to-be (that is still cooking away for another week or two)!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Talent, Coffee, & a Bday

The last couple days I have been sick with a nasty cold, but its on its way out! Thank goodness!!

On Wednesday, I went home sick from work, but luckily after some rest and a long nap, I was feeling well enough to make it to my oldest nephews Jr High talent show! They said they do things big there, and boy, do they ever!  I was so impressed by the whole show and all the courage and talent all these young kids have! I am most proud of Gage, getting up in front of hundreds of people to show off all his hard work and dedication - he did a karate demonstration to Bon Jovi's, It's my Life.  I was a super proud Aunt that night, but then again, I am always proud!! I was able to snap this picture while I was video recording his performance - sorry the quality isn't that great!  Great Job Gager!

Thursday, my cold was getting the best of me, and I made it at work until 3, then I couldn't take it anymore, I needed to be in bed, getting some rest to kick off this cold, on the way home I managed to stop by Dutch Brothers and get a smoothie, the coldness of it made my throat feel better temporarily.  Dutch Bros is a local favorite most known for their espresso, you can find these stands all through-out Oregon (and some other western states).

Today, was my Mom's Birthday! I am so lucky to have her in my life, she is my best friend and I don't know what I would do without her! She is so strong and such a giver.  She makes our family what it is, and I don't think we tell her enough what a great mom, wife, and grandma she is!  I surprised her with bright pink roses and a yummy chocolate cake on my lunch hour! My mom & dad, oldest nephew Gage and I went out to dinner for her birthday to celebrate.  This weekend the whole family will get together at the park to celebrate her birthday!

Love you Mom, hope you had a great birthday!!!

Happy Friday Friends,
Bring on the weekend!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 4

Day 4 of the 365 day challenge:

Tonight was the second class of our month long class for Photoshop Elements my sister Shauna ( and I are taking at Southern Oregon University in Ashland.  We are learning a lot and getting quite a few laughs as well.  The class ends at 9pm so once 7:30 rolls around I become very tired and everything seems a whole lot funnier.  Today we had the pleasure of editing a cow - i don't mean a cute little spotted cow in a pasture, I mean a wet snout in your face kinda cow. 

Now, for me I think it was kind of cute, but for my vegetarian sister, it was just a little too much!  I mentioned something out loud along the lines of, 'perfect for the vegetarian over here' the instructor then re-assured us we weren't going to have to eat the cow, just edit the flies from around his eyes AFTER we zoomed in very closely (I know she was loving this part) around the cows very large head and wet dirty nose.  Whew! I was worried for my sister for a second!    I tried to look for an image of the cow, but I couldn't find one that compared.... just think of a nasty cow face up close and personal and multiply that by 10! That's what we had the pleasure of working with today! 

I just can't wait until next week. Hopefully we will be done with the cow,
for her sake of course! ; )


Monday, April 9, 2012

Katie & Alyssa

Can you tell these two are sisters?
Alyssa sported these glasses on Easter for awhile but first her
big sister Katie was rocking them.
Love how these little ones can bring such joy to my life!


Alyssa Michelle:

And, I'll be honest I was trying to take a picture of my cute shoes, but instead I captured this adorable back view of Alyssa carrying around Mickey Mouse dolls.

I am so grateful to call these beautiful girls my nieces!
 Love them Lots!

The 365 Challenge

 I find myself wanting to take lots of pictures now that I have started this picture challenge
- it was hard to choose just these two!!  

My brother Mike, and sister-in-law, Mae put together this Easter Basket for me!
 It was sweet and a very nice surprise!
They made them for all the ladies in the family! Super Sweet! 


 Today was the first baseball game for my nephews Little League season.
The sun was hiding, as it so often does during the beginning of baseball season.
Gage and Jake letting loose after their game (that they won!).

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and great Easter! I know I did!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The 365 Challenge

Today I was introduced into the idea of the 365 challenge by a friend.  I was telling her about Instagram and she was telling my about another app that documented a whole year by taking a picture everyday.  I just googled it, and who knew it was so popular (and it has been around forever).  Why didn't I think of this? So, I am pledging to take a picture for the next 365 days to document my life! Instead of doing on an app on my phone, I will be sharing them here on my blog.  I am warning you now, the photos will probably be taken on my phone, so I apologize for the quality now.  I will probably combine them every week or so and publish them. But for now, here is day 1:

Decorated Easter eggs with my Mom and oldest nephew, Gage today.
Creative juices flowed and fun was had!!

All spruced Up.

I have spent the last couple hours (yes, hours) sprucing up my blog! The new look is growing on me.  I also added some badges - check them out to the right. 

On a side note, I am in love with the new (to me and all andriod users) app called instagram! Love Love Love!! Here is one of my instagrams from today!

Happy Easter!