Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1

It's October.
Say it isn't so.
The time has flown by.
And, for a Monday the day flew by (Holla)
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It's the 4th Quarter
Only a couple more months until year end at work
Don't remind me

Where has this year gone?
My mom always said once I turned 21
time would fly by, and boy was she right!
Moms are always right, about everything.
These past 4-5 years have been a blur.
We need to remember to slow life down,
enjoy the people the surround us, enjoy the
small things, & take time to just take everything in.
Love Life and all of it's hurdles.

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Halloween is only 30 days away.
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My birthday is 58 days away (Nov 28)
Thanksgiving.... Yum.
Christmas is just 84 days away...
Better get shopping!!!

84 DAYS. That doesn't sound like very far away. 
It will be here before we know it - get prepared.

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Tomorrow, my co-worker Robin and I are partaking in
a 3-day Green Smoothie Challenge.
3 green smoothies a day - for 3 days.
Yeah, a challenge it is going to be... nothing but green goodness
for THREE whole days. No Coffee. How will I survive?
I hope know I will manage.  But, boy will this be interesting.

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My weekend was low key -  Sunday I watched two of my nephews,
Jake & Bryan play some Fall Baseball.
It was nice to soak up in the sunshine (before it got too hot)
and watch the boys do what they love.
(Baseball is pretty huge in my fam)

On a side note:
Did anyone watch Part 1 of Jersey Housewives Reunion?
Holy Cow Batman - You could feel the tension in that room.
I love me some good drama - and boy was that hour full of it.
I totally didn't wear sparkly eye shadow today, but if I I did, I'm sure
Teresa would've been all up in my business about it, because didn't you all
know, we all  aspire to copy her.  Girl Puh-lease.
I can't wait to see parts 2 and 3.

That's right Jacqueline you tell her!

And Revenge returned - it didn't dissapoint.
& I think I got sucked into 666 Park Avenue.

Happy Monday - Here is to a good week.

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  1. You're blog is too cute!! So well done girl.
    I'd love to follow eachother :)


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