Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday Letters #3

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Another Friday Already?! It seems like we were just here.  And, I actually had to work all week, unlike you lucky people who had Monday off.... I'm not jealous or anything...I swear.

I am linking up with Ashley again this week for Friday Letters:


Dear Nashville:  You started off pretty slow, and I wasn't impressed at first, but by the end of your episode I loved it, I am now hooked!

Dear Skinny Cow Candy Bars:  Thank you for being delicious and low calorie! You are just enough when I have a chocolate craving!

Dear Weather: You have been amazing! I love working with my office window open.  And, it might rain this weekend, I am a little excited.
Dear Target: I am so ready to see you Saturday morning (hopefully, if I don't sleep in too much)  I need to go shopping for one of my swaps and my care package I am sending overseas.  And, maybe hit up the clothes section too.

Dear Cute Boots: I really really want a pair of you.... but I should really be saving my money. Decisions Decisions.

Dear Self:  Stop being overwhelmed and stressing too much.  It's not healthy for you. (Why is it so much easier to say then do?)
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Dear Weekend: I am so happy you are here - it has been a stressful and busy week at work and I am ready for some relaxation! And, maybe a glass of wine or two four.

Dear Sasha: I feel like I have been such a horrible friend lately.  Life gets busy, but that is no excuse. I promise I am going to call you this weekend so we can catch up. I miss you like crazy... for reals. I miss my best friend being right around the corner :-(

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Dear Halloween:  To dress up or to not dress up?!? Hmmm...

Dear Skinny Vanilla Latte: I am going to start my Friday with you. Don't disappoint me, please.
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Dear Nail Polish: Why must you chip off two days after I spend my precious time on making you look perfect.  It's getting annoying.  I miss my fake nails, but my savings account doesn't.

Happy Friday!! Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Hi Lindsay,

    Cute post! I am right there with you for the "Dear Self."
    I could use a bit of destressing. I hope you have a wonderful and totally relaxing weekend!



  2. Hi from Friday Letters!!

    I didn't watch Nashville last night like I planned to. I guess I'll catch up next week. & I'm having the same problem with wondering whether to dress up for Halloween or not. Decisions decisions.

    Happy Friday!

    xo, Heather

  3. I feel like I wrote these letters. Lol. The self one was exactly like the one I wrote to myself this week. And, as far as the boots go.. I say get them ;)

    I just started following you!!

  4. Once I stopped getting my nails done, it saved so much for me too! But yeah, sucks that doing it yourself only lasts a few days. Boo.



  5. Oh Target. One of my biggest weaknesses. And you should definitely splurge for the cute boots:) I always think of it as an "investment."


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