Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Excuse Me?

Happy Wednesday Friends...

I had the most interesting phone call at work last week.  I am mainly the person that answers the phones for my work, so I have the whole "telemarketer" detection thing down.  We get several solicitation calls a week (which is pretty annoying when I am in deep concentration doing accounting paperwork) so I know their game.

I like to reel them in then strike them down... does that make me a horrible person?! I don't think it does.....but I will say, I am nice the ones who are nice to me.... now, the people that aren't so nice to me, that is a different story and I may like to play games with them every now and then. But it looks like the game was on me this time.

Disclaimer: I do understand this is the person's job, but there is no need to be rude or belittling to anyone (including me) - and most that I have crossed paths with are.  There is that rare 1 in 12 telemarketer that is nice (and I am nice back).

Hint #1 that this was a telemarketing call: Caller Id is listed as Anonymous/Restricted
The phone call went something like this:

Me:  Insert Company Name Here.

Telemarketer: HI, How are you today? (they usually try to be super nice at first)

Me: Good, thanks.  How can we help you?

T: Can you tell me the name of your service manager?

Me: May I ask who is speaking?

T: This is Marcus Smith from Blah Blah Blah ( different name and company, obvi)

Me: What is this regarding?!

T: Just tell him I am on the phone, he will know who I am.  (I'm sorry but, if you don't know his name, how in the world is he going to know you?!)

Me: How about you tell me what this is regarding.

T: How about you tell me what you are wearing.

Me: Excuse Me??? (In a not so nice tone)

T:  How about you tell me how beautiful you are.

Me: I think that is very inappropriate.

I then hung up on him.

Seriously, how do people keep their jobs when they act like this? Being kind and decent will get you further in the long run.  I was just so shocked,  I told my co-workers and they laughed it off, because, it really was funny in all actuality  And I very rarely get fired up, and I was pretty fired up.  Some people I swear....

Only 2 more days to Friday!
I am not counting down or anything....


Saw this on pinterest and had to share, it gave me a nice laugh.

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