Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Letters #2

Happy Friday Friends!

I don't know about you, but this week felt like it has flown right by.
I am thankful for busy workdays that make it that way.
Hopefully the weekend won't be the same way.
I'll take a nice lonnnggg weekend anytime. Who wouldn't?

Any who, it's time for:


Dear Nutella: Why didn't I discover you sooner? You are delish. I am now on the bandwagon.

Dear 3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge:  Sorry I failed.  I have learned that drinking 3 green smoothies a day and nothing else is something I will never do again.  I lasted until 6:00 on Day 1. Ya win some, Ya lose some. 

Dear Green Smoothies: You are delicious.  I was surprised. I think I will be seeing more of you in my daily diet, but not for every meal.

Dear Jersey Shore: Thank you for just being you.  You made my Thursday night so much better by premiering last night.  Fist Pump. GTL. Are the Caabbbs here? Merp.

Dear 80* Weather & Blue Skies:  Please stick around - I am loving you right now!!

Dear Casey: Thank you for drawing this picture of Barney for me.  You always make me smile.

I love how it says: Ant LeeLee
Makes it that much more special.

Casey and Me.

Seriously Adorbs. Love him.

Dear Co-workers: I enjoyed having a thanksgiving like dinner lunch feast with you all today.  We had a smoked Turkey, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Sauteed Green Beans, Bread, & Cranberry Jelly. Delish.  We are a work family - and I am so grateful for all of you and the company we all work for.  We are all so blessed.

Dear Work-Out Capri's: I think you are going to the back of the dresser now, my legs are getting a little cold now that is it starting to get colder & colder, and darker & darker for my morning walks.

Dear Swaps:  I am loving you these days! Check out these two other swaps I have signed up for!!!

A Fall Favorite Swap - Only a few more days left to get signed up!


Another Christmas Swap!!! Go Sign up!! You know you wanna....

Gift Swap

Dear Katie: I had such a fun evening with you the other night.  Thanks for hanging out with me... I cherish those little moments talking about what you are learning in school and singing along to The Biebs songs on the radio....

Roaming the aisles of our new Super Wal-Mart....

Fro-Yo afterwards. Love Aunt-Niece Time.
I loved how you told me you loved this song.... guess what Aunt LeeLee loves it too!!

Happy Weekend....

Lindsay : )


  1. Here's Shore was not the same. They are too grown up & responsible now.

  2. You made Katie and Casey feel so special with this blog! Thanks for being a GREAT "ANT" LeeLee to my babies!

  3. First of all, that is a dang good rendition of Barney :) and second of all...yay for joining the gift swap!! Woohoo!

  4. Yay, so glad you signed up for the Fall Favorites swap! :) Kim and I are so happy to have you. Hope you have a great weekend, Lindsay!

  5. We can never hang out, because I'm afraid you would try to sing justin bieber to me, too.


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