Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hope everyone is having a great week!  It might just get a little better after you read this...

With the holidays approaching rather fast (um, hello - Thanksgiving is next week - when did that happen?!) my fabulous sister, Shauna and I thought it would be a great time to host a giveaway!  Just because.

You can enter up to 5 times!
You are entering to win a $25 gift card to ETSY! Who doesn't love etsy?
I could spend hours on their site and it feel like 30 minutes.
This is great way to treat yourselves (or others) right before the holidays!

What are you guys waiting for??!?
You need to enter!

Enter once if you are a follower of mine via Google Friend Connect.
Enter once if you are a follower of Life Captured via Google Friend Connect.
Enter once of you are a Twitter follower of me, You can follow me here!
Enter once if you are a Twitter follower of Shauna, you can follow her here!
And if you are so kind to tweet about it, then you can enter one more time.

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  1. This is such a great giveaway! Thanks for following me, I returned the favor :)

  2. I agree...totally great giveaway! I love, love Etsy!

    Jessica from the Doily Duck
    thedoilyduck.blogspot.com ... Come stop by and follow me sometime :) Thanks!

  3. Great giveaway. Following now and think I did all the steps correctly.


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