Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters #7

Sheesh, did 5:00 pm take forever to get here for anyone else today?!

Yay for the weekend.

I came from work this evening to a package awaiting my arrival.  It was my birthday gift from Sasha, I knew it was coming, and I thought I could hold out another week and half until my birthday. But, then I saw it was from Nordstroms, and the temptation ran through my veins.... she said I could open it early if I wanted... so I did.  I opened the box to find this:

Oh Em Gee.
TOMS! She got me a pair of Toms. Wedged Toms. I about died.  I may have jumped up and down a little, and a little squeee may or may not have escaped my lips... look at these beauties!  Thank you soooo much Sasha. I absolutely love them!

Dear Sasha: Thank you so much, you are pretty much the bestest friend in the whole wide word, and not just because you got me Toms for my birthday, but because you are always there for me no matter what. Thank.You.Friend.

Dear Sydney:  I am glad you are liking your toys I got you for your 6 month birthday!  Sorry they were late, bad auntie I know. Love this picture. And, I can't wait to see you for Christmas!!! :-)

How cute is she?! I just want to pinch those cheekies.

Dear Starbucks: Thank you for having delicious breakfast sandwiches, who knew??

Dear Teeny-Boppers: Thank you for making me feel old while in line for Breaking Dawn last night, where, oh where, do you get your energy from??  And, yes. I am one of those people twilighters that stood in line for 5 hours for the premiere of the movie.

Me, Jenni, and Maxie eagerly awaiting the movie.
Dear Readers: My sister and I are hosting an awesome giveaway, if you haven't entered yet, what are you waiting for?? Check out the details here.

Dear Thanksgiving: How did you get here so fast?? Yay for family time, good food, and 4 day weekend.

Dear Stephanie Meyer: Thank you for writing The Twilight Saga, it's sad to see it come to an end..... Are u sure you don't want to write another one??

Dear Tinseltown, I love that you have been remodeled and now have leather seats, and a self buttering station. Say Whaaaa?

Dear Maxie: Thanks for keeping me to date on the hip lingo these days.  I know we have all seen the phrase "smh" on facebook and what not, well I never knew what that meant.... (feeling old right about now). It means 'Shakin My Head'.  Really? How did I not know that?! smh.

Dear Dove Dry Shampoo:  You are the best invention ever.  You totally make my hair look a little more presentable when I wake up late in the mornings.  Who am I kidding, I always wake up late, but some hair days are better than others, am I right ladies? BTW, best brand I have tried to date.  And, yes, I know what BTW means.... and I am not that out of the loop.

Dear Private Practice:  Sorry Im not sorry I deleted 17 episodes of you off my DVR.  It just wasn't working out for me anymore.  I hope you understand. And, Greys... you might be right behind them.

Dear Breaking Dawn Part 2: You were pretty much amazing.  Great way to end the Saga.  Well done Hollywood, well done. I can't wait to see it again.


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Note: This was my second attempt at this post, since between my iPad and laptop, changes didn't get saved.... the other one was so much better! : (


  1. Okay, that little Sydney is ADORABLE!!! Ahhh baby fever is high over here! ;) And I am so excited to see Breaking Dawn 2! I know it'll make me want to re-read the books, and I'm ok with that. Also, about the dry shampoo: life. saver. LOVE that stuff!!


  2. Your Toms are so cute! I love the wedges but don't know if I could pull them off ;)

    P.s. I nominated you for a blog award! Go check out my blog for the deets!


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