Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Admin Pro Day!

Happy Administrative Professional's Day!
(If you have a job that falls into that category of course!)

 I happen to fall within that category since my official title is 'Bookkeeper', but I do a lot more than the 'books', and I love every minute (okay well not every minute but 90% of the time I can say I love my job, what I do, and I adore my co-workers!).
I know, I am super lucky and blessed.

Today my bosses came into my office and gave me a generous gift card to Olive Garden (after being tricked to admit what restaurant I liked better) and handed me hand-picked Lilacs already placed ever so nicely in a vase!

Thank you Gene & Dana!

Today has been a good Wednesday! My hair and makeup turned out nice (don't ya love it when they are both working in your favor in the same DAY?). I wore my new shirt & new earrings from Van Heusen that I bought this past weekend up in Portland. I snapped this picture on the way to work..... at a red light!

 Don’t mind the seat belt - safety first!

I got off work early and headed to my nail appointment. Amy does such an amazing job and I never leave disappointed!

Only a 2 day work week for me next week (its okay you can hate love me), then I am headed to Seattle with my parents and oldest nephew, Gage for his Karate Tournament. It’s my first time to the Emerald City - and I can't wait to experience it with all of them!! Most importantly, I am happy I am able to go support Gage and see him kick some booty & utilize all of techniques he has been trained in for years!!!

 Then a couple weeks after that, my sister Shauna and I are headed to Las Vegas for a 4 day weekend - that I won from our local news station!! I won it at the end of last summer and I am so excited to finally get to go! I am looking forward to a weekend relaxing by the pool with my sissy! Oh, and In-N-Out!! Mmmm.

Me, Kevin (Shauna's Husband), Shauna
May 2010 - Las Vegas
Speaking of Vegas, I was checking my facebook earlier and noticed MGM had posted a link about the 2012 Billboard Awards that are happening the same weekend we are going to be there! But, the show is happening the night we leave. I am still hopeful that many musicians will be roaming the Las Vegas Strip that weekend. I am excited for some Celebrity Sightings!! My fingers are crossed!



Had a tummy ache at work, but luckily this helped it....

Shauna & I had our last Photoshop class (can’t say that I am sad for it to end). I was playing around with the “tools” we had been taught….

This video is rather bizzare, but I just love this song!



  1. Glad your now taking pictures at red lights!!

    P.S. I nominated you on my blog for the Versatile Blogger award.

  2. How cool that you won a weekend in Vegas! That sounds amazing. And your flowers are so must have great coworkers :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. Schedule and send all your admin professional day gifts in a few easy steps with GiftsOnTime.


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