Monday, April 23, 2012

Catch Up

I have been taking pictures everyday, but I will say its getting harder - and its only day 17! 

Day 13:  Whenever I need a pick me up at work, I put my Pandora Radio on 90's Pop! It usually does the trick - there is nothing like singing all the words (in my head of course - b/c i am at work) to old pop hits like Brittney Spears & Spice Girls - oh, and don't worry there are plenty of BSB & N'Sync to go around too!

Day 14: This was Friday - and it was such a good one!  I headed into work knowing it was going to be a good - I was only going to work half a day, then head onto I-5 for a good 4 hour drive North to Portland to see my Bestie and her hubby.  My day got better when work was slower than normal I got done what needed to be done - I ended up leaving @ 11 - nothing like a 3 hour work day.  I was able to capture this picture to show you all how beautiful Oregon is - even on the freeway! 

Day 15: Saturday, the sun made a rare appearance so we headed to the Portland Zoo - we were excited for this lion to come say hi - in between some super strong glass (at least I hope it was). 

Day 16:  After a wonderful fun-filled weekend, I ended Sunday night with a delicious glass of Rose Jolee from the fabulous local Del Rio Winery.

Day 17: The sun is finally starting to come around - and today it only got up to 84* - it was hot and this is just the beginning! Around 4pm the storm clouds started to roll in, by the time I got home -it was typical Oregon weather - Rain, white puffy clouds, sun, dark thunder clouds, and a cool breeze - all at the same time!

I had a fabulous weekend up in Portland visiting my friends, it was such fun! I need to upload all my pictures from my camera - then I will share all those great pics on here!!

Happy Tuesday Eve!
-Lindsay : )


  1. fabulous!
    hope um you were not driving when you were taking that picture ;-/

  2. You had an excellent weekend, gees. I don't even remember mine:)

  3. I can't help but smile when i saw the picture of Britney Spears, Spice Girls poster and of course the BSB and N'Sync stuff.


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