Saturday, June 19, 2010

School is out for the summer

School has been over for a couple weeks, and I am sure enjoying my summer break! It was my first year back in a few years, it was a rough transition back to doing homework and having to stay focused! But, I did it – with some procrastination of course, because I am a master at that! I like to think of it as, I work well under pressure!  I had some tough and challenging classes, but I learned a lot. I only took 1 class a term for Fall & Winter. Then Spring term I took 2 – but one was only a weekend class so it wasn’t too bad. I don’t know how I took a full load before – but then again, I don’t remember everything I learned.

I am happy to say I got an A in every class this term, and I worked super hard for it too! Winter term was very challenging for me, and I think it was the hardest class I ever taken – and I can say I am super proud of how I did.  I am also happy I didn’t give up – because there were many times I wanted to.

Now, for the next few months of summer I hope to enjoy it to the fullest.  I have 3 weeks vacation saved up from work – so I hope to take some time off here and there. The following months will be filled with many birthdays and the arrival of the newest member of the Acree family. Alyssa Michelle (yes, that is my middle name too!) will be here sometime in August.  I have already bought cute little outfits for her, and I need to start making her coming home dress.  I am eager to have a baby around again! I am so blessed to be an Aunt – and to have all my family live so close by. 
MAY-JUNE 2010 052
The first activity of the summer for me has been my mini trip to Wildlife Safari & 7 Feathers… next on the calendar is Gage’s All-Star baseball tournament over in Klamath Falls next weekend.  It will be my first journey to   K. Falls – and I am happy to go there to be in full support of Gage and his team! Then, after that we can’t forget about the best movie to come out this summer:       
    ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’
I will be attending the ‘Twilight Trilogy’ showing on Tuesday June 29th. I am super excited for that!

So, lets have a good summer filled with fun and laughter surrounded by family and friends that matter the most!    I know I will!

-Lindsay <3

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  1. good post! I was hoping to see those photos I emailed you all edited and up here?


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