Saturday, June 12, 2010



So, Thanks to Shauna, I found this amazing website for wonderful fonts! I think I am going to like this whole ‘blogging’ thing! It makes it a lot more fun when you can you use your creativity!  I also made a new banner for my blog, which Shauna showed me how to do! Thanks Sister! I am about done for the night, but this will be a fun adventure! I already have so many ideas for future blogs! I am so happy I will have more time on my hands now that school is over for the summer! Check out my sisters blog it’s pretty cool:Shauna's Fabulous Blog 


Well, happy weekend to everyone! I hope to get a blog done this weekend!




  1. Nice banner .. good job on blogging!

  2. I have a blog now also... how did you get your banner???

  3. I made it in Microsoft Digital Image Suite... but im sure you can make it in any word or paint like program. Its just a 'box' and i filled in the color, and then added some text boxes. What is your link to your blog?


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