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Well, baseball is huge in our family so it was no surprise Gage tried out for All-Stars and he made it! He was playing on the Medford Blue Team Ages 9-10.  He had practice 6 days a weeks for 2 weeks. All of his preparation was for a weekend full of baseball playing for the district title.  This year the tournament was held in Klamath Falls, about an hour and half away from Medford.  So, Friday morning we packed up and headed over to K. Falls.  It was such a pretty drive! The skies were blue and the trees were green.  We then make to Klamath Falls and those blue skies turned grey and we were welcomed to the city with a down pour of rain and even some lightening.  We weren’t sure what to think because this was 2pm and the game was at 5:30! Luckily the weather changed and the blue skies showed up again!  The game was on….

For the first game we played the Klamath Falls team and boy, was it a good game! It took 3 hours for those 6 innings.  Sadly, we lost 21 – 16 but the Medford boys put up a good fight.  And, it was an intense game.  Gage was up to bat a couple times and he did fantastic! He also played 2nd base for an inning and he played a couple more innings in the outfield! I am so happy I was able to come to show my support and root him on!
Pledge of Allegiance

Gage on 2nd Base


Gage up to Bat

Onto 2nd

Crossing home plate! Atta boy!

Gage batting again

The wonderful after game smile!

Friday night after the game…..
Here is the All-Star relaxing in the Spa after 3 hours of an intense game!

Here are the adults (minus me) relaxing in the spa too!

The kiddos enjoyed ending their night in the pool!

Closing time came too soon for them!

And, Casey just wanted 4 more minutes!

Game 2 was at 3pm on Saturday.

We stayed over the weekend in Klamath Falls at the Holiday Inn Express.  It was  a pretty nice hotel and the beds were sooo comfy.  They had a pretty nice breakfast too!

When we weren’t at the ball fields supporting Gage and his team – we were able to enjoy the hotel a little.  We spent several hours in the pool and spa! It was nice to see everyone relax and enjoy each others company!  On Friday before Game 1 we went to Long John Silvers & A&W(best root beer ever btw)

They had the cutest hats for the kids –

Here are Gage & Jake after lunch

Casey and I – he didn’t want me to take the picture – but I got it! Yeah.

After we first checked into the hotel I took Jake & Katie for a little stroll to check out the pool.  I let them stick their feet in the spa to test it out!
 The second day we had a little down time since Gage’s game didn’t start until 3pm.

Gage, Jake and I got some time to play the famous card game ‘Go Fish’. And, Gage & I taught Jake how to play ‘Slap Jack’.  It was fun! :)

Jake had his poker face on...

Don’t remember who won, but it was fun!

Maybe it was Jake, because he looks pretty happy here!

The kiddos also came over to our room for awhile…

Katie looking cute as always
 And, Casey finishing up his lunch!

Gage & Jacob having fun on my laptop
 Then, the day went by fast, and it was time to head to the ball park once again…

Pledge of Allegiance Day 2
The kiddo's ready for Gage's game to start!

Batter Up!
3 bases later he slides into home! (He got a double that time)
 Gager playing left field
  Gage up to bat again
Taking a little breather
After game smiles!

Game two lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes and ended early in the 4th inning because we were ahead 21-10 and the 10 run rule came into affect.

Game 3 was on Sunday and we lost and were out of the tournament. The boys did the best they could and were happy with the way they played.

During a couple of the games we were lucky enough to see amazing F15 fighter jets from the Kingsley Field Air force Base.

After the game and pizza with the team we headed back home to Medford. And a pretty ride home it was! We sure do live in a beautiful place!

Klamath Lake

Mt. McLaughlin

We see this beautiful mountain on a daily basis in the valley. It was nice to see the other side of it from Klamath.

You could also see Mt. Shasta from Klamath Falls. So Pretty.

This weekend was for Gage, and I hope he had as much fun as we did watching him! I know I can speak for all of us that were there that we had a blast and we were happy to be able to cheer him on!  Good Baseball was played and fun was had!

“Ability may get you to the top, but character will keep you there.”
– John Wooden



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