Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A little day trip… to the Wild

 Or.. Shall I say Wildlife Safari?

My good friends Sasha & Mike invited me to go with them to Wildlife Safari this last Sunday. It was a fun little day trip.  We left around 10:30 then had some fun @ Wildlife Safari for few hours. We then had lunch at the cutest Tapas Bar in Roseburg called ‘Mark V’.  Then we headed back down Interstate 5 to 7-Feathers Casino.
Did you know it was against their rules to take pictures inside the Casino? Well, we didn’t, but we do now…. I wouldn't recommend it! Hah.

Here are Sasha & Mike in front of the Casino…
Sasha & I enjoying some sunshine before heading in to gamble!
Wildlife Safari was a blast – I had been there once before on a field trip in 5th or 6th grade… but taking it in as an adult is another experience. 
At least to me! ; )

First, we walked around the little exhibits and stretched our legs for awhile.  Here are a few snapshots of the cute little animals….                
                                MAY-JUNE 2010 177

Then, a real life Bambi…
Camel Ride anyone?   No Thanks….

We then headed back to the car – and went on a ‘Wildlife Safari’MAY-JUNE 2010 238

YES! That’s right there were Lions & Tigers, & Bears! Oh MY!

And, I will say, the brown bears were my favorite part! They looked so cute and cuddly – and I know their looks are deceiving because they could have me for dinner in about oh… probably 45 seconds!

They all looked nice and relaxed while cooling off in their mini-lake just going for a daytime swim.

Then there was this little fella cooling off in the shade!
MAY-JUNE 2010 286

Further down they had the black bears… and I thought this was just too cute!!! I hope he was a having a nice time taking a lil’ dip in the kiddie pool!

Here are Sasha, Mike, & I just having a good ol’ time!US3_1I am so lucky to have these two in my life! They are some amazing friends!
We saw some cool animals over the course of a couple hours! I hope you enjoy these snapshots…

 Looks like a statue huh?

MAY-JUNE 2010 337
MAY-JUNE 2010 334
As cool as this was, I don’t think I would want to be in that truck so the the giraffes could eat out of my hand. That is definitely too close for comfort.
MAY-JUNE 2010 261
I think this was the closest I have ever been to a bald eagle! Pretty amazing to me!
MAY-JUNE 2010 273
I hope we weren’t disturbing his nap!
MAY-JUNE 2010 317
This little thing looks harmless but Mike told me they are vicious little things!
MAY-JUNE 2010 364
I never knew Elephants were so hairy. She is 40 years old.
MAY-JUNE 2010 370
 MAY-JUNE 2010 379
This little monkey kept us entertained for quite awhile.  I had video of him swinging around but there were some um… technical difficulties in the background. LoL ; )
They decided to mow the field that day… which wasn’t a good thing for my allergies, but its okay because at least they were doing it style in their Kubota Tractor. If you need one, let me know -  I know the perfect place to buy or rent one! ; )
MAY-JUNE 2010 411
And, this was just gross, these camels were shedding… they didn’t look very attractive!
MAY-JUNE 2010 416
This little creature was too cute!
MAY-JUNE 2010 420
Hoot Hoot
MAY-JUNE 2010 224
And, in case you were ever curious… Lilies are my favorite flower and I just had to capture this picture!
MAY-JUNE 2010 226
More Bambi’s
MAY-JUNE 2010 406
Well, Hello There Mister!
MAY-JUNE 2010 355
Grrr… is the only expression I can think of when it comes to them.
MAY-JUNE 2010 350
So, that is a summary of our little day trip.  It was fun! I hope to go again this summer and take Gage. He would really enjoy it! All I could think about while I was there was how much he would love seeing all these animals especially the bears!
That was one adventure to begin this summer – I can’t wait to go on more!

Sunshine + No school =
FUN Adventures with family & friends!
-Lindsay : )


  1. I love it! how did you write on your photos?

  2. How cool! If we ever get out your way, the kids would LOVE this place!


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