Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Topics: No Changing my Mind!

I have a total case of the Mondays today.  But hey, it’s Tuesday and that is one daycloser to Friday (I am good at stating the obvious, obviously).   I tookyesterday off of work, and boy oh boy, was today a Monday, even though it isTuesday (there I go again). But tomorrow will be better, yes it will.  But you know what would make it even better?If it were actually going to be nice out and the sun was shining. But it won’t be.  We have been treated with blue skies and nicewarm weather the last couple weeks, but now that spring will be here tomorrow…the skies are grey and the rain is rolling in. They always say; if you don’tlike the weather in Oregon, wait 5 minutes… because it will change (you guys,it hasn’t changed all day – what gives?). So, here is to hoping the sun willmake an appearance tomorrow, although, it is highly unlikely.
So, with it being Monday Tuesday, that means it istime for Tuesday Topics!
9 Things I won’tChange My Mind On.
1. Love for my family & friends
My youngest nephew Casey. As you can see, he is losing teeth right and left.
2. Hope for a great future
 Ya know, the house, marriage, and kiddos.

3. Always being honest
Honesty is the best policy. Always.
4. Believing in myself
5. Reality TV
I love me some Jersey Housewives.
6. Love for Coffee
7. My Beliefs 

                                                                                        Source: 24.media.tumblr.com via Lindsay on Pinterest
8. Country Music

9. Being an animal lover
Who can't love little furry animals? I mean, come on!

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Happy Spring you guys, I hope the sun shines wherever you may go!


  1. Ha! One of my nine was the Jersey Housewives!

    And, of course i agree with you about coffee. That's the life blood.

    Visiting from Tuesday Topics!


  2. I believe in country music and always have hope for a great future :)


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