Saturday, July 10, 2010

Red, White, and BOOM?

Independence Day 2010

Mom made a fabulous dinner. BBQ ribs – Pasta Salad & Baked Beans.  One word: DELISH.  I wish I would have taken a picture! : (

I went for a drive up to Shady Cove taking the long way.  It was nice to see the beautiful scenery we are surrounded by, yet we take for granted. On the way home, I passed by the Veterans Domiciliary.  I was delighted to see tons of American Flags lined up and down the fences and pathway.  I love how that one flag can symbolize so much.  I was stopped at red light and captured this snapshot….

The family all met up with each other later in the evening to celebrate.  We went to see the local firework display here in Medford called, Red, White, & Boom! The firework display lacked compared to years past, and they seemed to move them further away than previous years. But, it was a nice show, and everyone seemed to enjoy them. 

We were all able to hang out and share some laughter before the show began.

Casey and Mom having a little conversation that a grandma and grandson can have! <3
July 4th 2010 001

And, I must say, this little guy was the life of the party!
July 4th 2010 005

Jake acting all tough!

Kevin was even all decked out!!!

Gager was having a fun time too

Brotherly Love. <3

Casey & I.

Super excited for the fireworks!
July 4th 2010 023

Gage had the camera… self portrait time.

Dad, Jake, & Mom. (And Gager snuck in the back seat!)
July 4th 2010 029

Sasha & Mike came and joined us for the 4th! I hope we didn’t scare them too much!
July 4th 2010 031

Sadly, all the shots I took of the fireworks come out like this…

Now, time for the sparklers.


It’s always fun with the whole gang.  Stories are shared, laughter fills the air, and memories are made.

While most of us BBQ, watch fireworks, and enjoy time with family & friends I think we must not forget what this day is all about, and all the proud and honorable men & women that make our country what it is today!

Hope you all had a great 4th of July!


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