Sunday, April 14, 2013

I took the Advocare Plunge.

You guys, I just placed my first Advocare order. I am so ready for it to get here, and begin a healthier lifestyle. I know I can do it without Advocare, but why not start with a bang? My sister recently introduced me to Advocare about a month ago. She started with Spark, and after much convincing on her part, I finally tried one. And, you know what, it was amazing. I was very hesitant about it, I don't drink energy drinks because of the controversy around them, and the stuff that is in them can't be good for you. So I figured spark was just another energy drink. But it isn't. It is full of vitamins that give you a balance of energy, with no crash. Seriously, amazing.

My sister loved her spark so much, she decided to become an advisor, and she quickly ordered the 24 day challenge. Her and her husband started the challenge a week ago today, and they have nothing bad to say about the cleanse, okay I take that back, I heard the fiber drink isn't all that great, but you don't have to drink it everyday, so that is a plus. I saw them yesterday when we celebrated my moms birthday, and they both look and feel amazing! They have lost noticeable weight and they look energized and refreshed.

I knew after that, I had to jump on the bandwagon, plus, I was seeing it worked first hand. How could I not do it now?

So, I took the plunge and did it. I spent some of my hard earned moolah and I know I am going to miss my coffee, cheese, bread, and sweets at first. But you know what, I am not going to miss those after 24 days. That stuff is crap and not good for my body. I am ready for a new healthier me.

It will take about a week for my order to get here, that is a perfect amount of time to start meal planning and getting food prepped, and maybe sneak one last chipotle burrito bowl. ;-)

Who is ready to follow me along on my new chapter? I hope to post my struggles and successes along the way....

If you want to learn more about Advocare, go here:

And, don't forget to enter my sisters giveaway to try some spark out for yourself:


Ps- please excuse any typos as this was done on my iPad.

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