Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall . . .

I have to share something…. I had frost on my car windows this morning!!
And, I am able to keep my window open in my office at work longer and longer each day….
Do you know what that means???
Fall is almost here!!!

I am so happy to say that the mornings are getting brisk - and that is one great sign that the fall season is approaching - until we are back in the mid-90’s this weekend, but we aren't going to talk about that ; )
When I think of fall, I think of cool crisp breezes, a bright shining sun, and leaves turning into beautiful vibrant colors.
I love driving on streets like this and seeing the trees changing colors....
and going to pumpkin patches to find the most perfect unique pumpkin.
I also think of….. cute outfits that include boots, sweaters, and a scarf.  
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With a little…
colorful nail polish to finish the look. 
I can't wait until I see this sign again....
Oh, and nothing says 'It's Fall' like walking into a home that smells of pumpkin spice!  These Gold Canyon 'Pumpkin Pie' candles are great – I buy a few every year from my bosses daughters, they sell them for their school. They smell AMAZING! Seriously, they last forever and smell soooo good (for a long long time!).
Pumpkin Pie Heritage® Scented Candle - NEW
I also love their Cinnamon Vanilla , Cozy Christmas, & Pomegranate
Check them out here

And, It can't be Fall without College Football...

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I can't wait to be sitting in Autzen Stadium in less than two weeks (then another two weeks after that) to cheer on the University of Oregon Ducks!

I took this when we played Washington State last year...
All of this stuff reminds me of Fall, amongst many other things.... Baking, Corn Mazes, Harvest Festivals, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Homemade Pumpkin Seeds.... I could go on and on.....
Fall is my favorite time of year - and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival!!

Who is with me??!

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  1. Umm .. Summer should stay a bit longer k?

  2. I am trying so hard to hold onto summer but it is getting harder and harder because fall is one of my favorite times of year. can't wait til I have frost on MY window!


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